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Laser Rut Measurement System

Obtain precise transverse profiles using scanning laser technology

Rut Depth Measurement

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The ROMDAS Laser Rut Measurement System (LRMS) gives immediate and precise transverse profiles used for the detection and characterization of pavement rutting conditions. The ROMDAS LRMS uses scanning laser technology from INO (a world leading technology developer and provider of 3D laser systems and sensors).

The LRMS can acquire full 4m width profiles of a highway lane at normal traffic speeds. The system uses two laser profilers that digitize transverse sections of the pavement. It also offers 2 sampling rate options; 30 or 250 Hz.

Custom optics and high-power pulsed laser line projectors allow the system to operate in full daylight or night-time conditions. This system overcomes many of the drawbacks of other rut measurement systems that use less data points and transverse range.

Data outputs

  • Raw transverse profile
  • Rut depth (calculated under a theoretical 2m straight edge)
  • Rut width
  • Rut cross-sectional area

Key Benefits & Features

  • Very high accuracy transverse profiles and rutting calculations (+4,000 points per profile)
  • Measures full 4 m width profiles of highway lane
  • Does not extend beyond the width of the vehicle, making it safer and more maneuverable than larger bumper mounted units,
  • 30 or 250 Hz (profiles per second) versions available
  • Automatic lane detection to reduce the effect of driver wander and exclude items outside the lane that may influence the quality of rut calculations such as curbs or drop-offs
  • Operation in day or night-time conditions
  • Survey speeds from 0-100 km/h
  • Real-time status display for immediate feedback on correct operation

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