H.I.M.S. - Asset Management Software

HIMS is a powerful relational database and analytical system software with in-built GIS and Reporting platforms. The strong but flexible location referencing system ensures that all historical data is correctly referenced including the historical changes in the road network.

HIMS is designed to meet the needs of consultants and road agencies and is capable of storing data on any type of asset including pavements, bridges and traffic. It is perfect for managing the data for analysis with applications such as HDM-4.

The HIMS analytical module (for predictive modelling and optimisation) allows undertaking life cycle cost analysis, asset valuation and risking management.

HIMS can be used for developing

  • Road Information System (RIS)
  • Pavement Management System (PMS)
  • Routine Maintenance Management System (RMMS)
  • Bridge Management System (BMS)
  • Accident Information System (AIS)
  • Traffic Information System (TIS)
  • Environmental and Social Information System (ESIS)
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES)
  • Asset Valuation System (AVS)

Key Features

  • Flexible Referencing System
  • Network Editing & Auditing
  • User Definable Objects
  • Analysis Engine
  • Integrated HDM-4 Interface
  • Sectioning
  • Embedded GIS
  • Multi Language Support
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