PROMAN – Project/Contract Management Software

PROMAN is a latest product from our India subsidiary SATRA I-MAN Pvt Ltd, this has generated great initial interest from Road Agencies around the world and has already been contracted by one Southern African RDA to manage their 300+ projects.

The Project Management System (PROMAN) is an off the shelf web based, integrated Project/Contract Management, Monitoring and Evaluation system. It is designed and developed on the concept of multi- tier distributed architecture in order to provide comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date Project/ Contract management information for different targeted audience throughout the organisation.

PROMAN is a generic system and can be a “turn key” solution for many organisations with minimal configuration efforts. It enables the authorities to manage the contracts for Civil Works, Goods and Consultancy Services.

PROMAN is designed to enhance the effectiveness of Implementation Agency through the establishment of well-defined responsibilities for all aspects of contract management, monitoring and evaluation.

PROMAN assists agency in reviewing and taking decisions of both past and on-going projects by providing relevant information. Such a regulated system will provide agency the clear insight for performance and accountability at project, programme and strategic levels of decision making. This is done by means of enabling overall works status assessment, progress achievement assessment and future programme planning.

PROMAN guides users through every stage of a project’s development

  • Initiation
    This module guides the user through initiation process that includes identifying and defining the scope of the projects, identifying project activities, size, duration, funds requirement and sources, project prioritisation etc.
  • Procurement
    This module takes the user through various methods and stages of the procurement process.
  • Planning
    The planning module plays a vital role in planning the project/contract activities based on factors like budget and/or time constraints.
  • Control and Monitoring
    This module guides users through various stages of the Execution phase by providing the necessary financial and physical progress reports to gain better control and understanding of the project performance.
  • Closeout
    Evaluate the project performance with respect to planning and maintain a history of the projects.
  • Reporting
    The user can view and generate various reports pertaining to finance and physical performance.
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