Add-on Modules for the ROMDAS System

Multifunctional ‘All-In-One’ Pavement Profiling

Surface cracking and defect detection (manual)


Longitudinal Profile, Roughness and Macro-Texture

Laser Profilometer

Laser Profilometer - High Accuracy Roughness Data

The ROMDAS Laser Profilometer is a Class 1 Inertial Profiler that uses the combination of a laser and accelerometer to measure the elevation profile of the road with very high accuracy at highway speeds.

Data Outputs

  • Roughness (IRI)
  • Raw Longitudinal Profile (Compatible with industry standard software like ProVal)
  • Macro-texture (MPD) (Optional)

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Bump Integrator

Bump Integrator - Roughness Profiler, IRI, Survey

Used for roughness surveys, this Class 3 response type meter has been widely implemented over the last few decades and is a great low cost option for measuring roughness and calculating IRI.

Data Outputs

  • Roughness (IRI)

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Transverse Profile and Rutting

Laser Rut Measurement System (LRMS)

LRMS - rut measurement system, pavement rutting conditions

The ROMDAS Laser Rut Measurement System (TPL-LRMS) gives immediate and precise transverse profiles used for the detection and characterization of pavement rutting conditions.

Data Outputs

  • Raw transverse profile
  • Rut depth (calculated under a theoretical 2m straight edge)
  • Rut width
  • Rut cross-sectional area

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Transverse Profile Logger (TPL)

Transverse Profile Logger (TPL) - transverse profile, Rut depth

The ROMDAS Transverse Profile Loggers are used to measure the transverse profile (across the lane) of the road. We offer 2 versions of the TPL, our proven design with Ultrasonic Sensors and our all new Laser version that offers increased accuracy.

Data Outputs

  • Transverse profile,
  • Rut depth (using theoretical 2m straight edge method and pseudo rut depth method)

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Road Geometry and Video Logging

Road Geometry

Video Logging

Road Geometry Module

Road Geometry Module - pavement gradient, radius of curvature, cross-fall

The ROMDAS Geometry module is used to record the road geometry while surveying for the calculation of pavement gradient, radius of curvature, cross-fall and other road geometry characteristics.

Data Outputs

  • Gradient
  • Radius of Curvature
  • Cross-fall

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Right Of Way & Pavement Video

Right Of Way & Pavement Video - pavement condition survey equipment

ROMDAS Video Logging modules are used to create a visual record of the road right-of-way (ROW) or direct pavement surface. The number of cameras and directions are customizable depending on the requirements of customers.

Data Outputs

  • Right Of Way Video Logging
  • Pavement Video Logging

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GPS/GNSS and High Accuracy Distance/Speed


High Accuracy Distance/Speed

GPS Recievers

GPS Recievers - road condition survey

GPS is used to establish the location of the vehicle using GPS satellites. GPS data can be used to establish the road center line or referenced to other datasets simultaneously collected by a ROMDAS system. Referencing data with GPS coordinates allows for easy integration with GIS mapping or asset management software.

Data Outputs

  • GPS Coordinates imprinted on all data collected by ROMDAS modules.

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HR DMI - High Resolution Distance Measurement Instrument

The High Resolution Distance Measurement Instrument (HR DMI) is used in situations where extremely accurate (< 0.1 m) distance measurements are required. The HRDMI is a requirement for any ROMDAS system using laser based equipment like LCMS, LRMS or Laser Profilometers.

Data Outputs

  • High Resolution Distance/Chainage

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