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Data Collection Ltd. (DCL) is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing tools for measuring and managing roads that is marketed under the brand name ‘ROMDAS’ (ROad Measurement Data Acquisition System).

ROMDAS is the premiere low-cost technology used for collecting data on road condition. Since its inception in the 1990s, Data Collection Limited (DCL) has provided ROMDAS equipment for firms in over 60 different countries spread over all parts of the world from Afghanistan to Zambia.

“Providing engineers and researchers with innovative technology for measuring and managing roads, which is cost effective, efficient, reliable, and well supported, while at all times being an ethical business”
- DCL Mission Statement

The aim of our business is to provide road measurement equipment and software which is innovative, cost effective, reliable, and better than any other similar product in terms of performance and/or price. Our team focuses on understanding our customer's needs and providing recommendations which satisfy their specifications in the most cost effective manner possible.

DCL is a company that has always valued and maintained ethical values and strived to establish ROMDAS as a brand with honest and reliable business practices. Overwhelmed with the wide range of road data collection equipment available, ROMDAS customers know that the people at DCL are capable of securing the equipment they require and their road management system is cost effective and sustainable for the long term.

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ROad Management Data Acquisition System (ROMDAS) was developed in 1989 by Dr. Christopher R. Bennett who led the technical development of the system until 2003 when he sold the company in order to take up a position with the World Bank. The company was purchased by two employees; Paul Hunter and Raj Mallela, who have taken over the management of ROMDAS while keeping to the philosophies with which the company was founded.

ROMDAS is the product of a great deal of teamwork. Gary Carr from the University of Auckland developed the first prototype in 1989 and the early programming of the MS-DOS ROMDAS system was done by Gavin Murray. Paul Hunter was responsible for programming from 1993 until 2002 when he became ROMDAS Technical Manager.

In the last 5 years, DCL has expanded their product range with high end technology modules based upon customer and industry feedback. The Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) and Laser Geometry Measurement System (LRMS) are two examples of such modules.

The ROMDAS Remote Support (RRS) is one of the many technical services offered to ROMDAS customers. The RRS allows ROMDAS technicians to log onto a survey computer in order to check settings and resolve issues. The utilization of internet-based services is an integral part of ROMDAS customer service.

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