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Comprehensive training: Airforce Team Masters ROMDAS LFOD System at Manufacturing Office!

DCL is delighted to recently host the elite team of US Airforce (USAF) personnel for an intensive 3-week training program on the state-of-the-art ROMDAS LFOD system. The USAF team at Lakenheath, UK has been avid users of the advanced ROMDAS system for FOD detection for over a year.


Success Story: ROMDAS LCMS Shines in Qatar once again!

The ROMDAS team is excited about another significant milestone with the successful installation of our state-of-the-art ROMDAS LCMS system in Qatar. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and cutting-edge technology has resulted in our client's satisfaction.


Data Collection Limited and ROMDAS acquired by Moog Inc.

We are excited to announce that Data Collection Limited (DCL) and ROMDAS brand has been recently acquired by Moog Inc. This change will not affect our day-to-day operations and customers and partners will continue to interact with us at DCL and ROMDAS with the same exceptional service.


Customer Installation of ROMDAS System with Online Support in Indonesia

We're excited to announce latest successful installation of the ROMDAS Laser Profilometer system + Right of way camera with GPS+ Geometry upgrade for our valued customer, PT Wira from Indonesia.


Introducing ROMDAS Power-Processing Tool

We are thrilled to announce the latest functional tool from ROMDAS, the Power-Processing Tool! This Tool allows you to run multiple instances of ROMDAS simultaneously, allowing you to process multiple RBF files 3 times faster.


Airport Tarmac Safety Initiative Takes Off with Precise GIS Mapping Data from ROMDAS and Applanix POS LVX

DCL has collaborated with Pavemetrics and Trimble to develop an integrated FOD detection surveying system – ROMDAS LFOD system – using high-resolution LCMS scanners and high-accuracy Applanix POS LVX.


ROMDAS is now iRAP Class C accredited system

We are excited! ROMDAS system is recently achieved iRAP Class C accreditation. This is the highest accreditation, and ROMDAS now provides a comprehensive and reliable road safety assessment service to clients worldwide.


ROMDAS SUPPORT CLINIC: First Ever Face to Face Support Service in India

Our local Indian partner, Complete Instrumentation Solutions Pvt Ltd (CIS), organized a special ROMDAS Support Clinic between 3rd and 9th August 2022 which was available to all local ROMDAS customers.


Only Profiler system in Azerbaijan with ROMDAS Laser Profilometer

Azerbaycan Avtomobil Yolları (AAY) Azerbaijan Road Authorities Directorate commissioned a mid-range ROMDAS system. This system includes Laser Profilometers, Transverse Profile Logger (TPL), Video Logging and GPS modules along with DataView office post processing software.


Android App for the ROMDAS Z-250 Reference Profiler

We are excited to announce the release of the Android application software for the World Bank Class 1 ROMDAS Z-250 Reference Profiler!


New ROMDAS Laser Profilometer Systems in Thailand

ROMDAS has been part of Thailand’s road surveying story for many years now thanks to our local distributor partners in the region. Our distributors remain at the heart of ROMDAS’ growth as they continue to support customers on the ground even after the sale.


Inertial Navigation System (INS) for GNSS & Geometry Data

ROMDAS recently integrated GNSS unit with Inertial Navigation System (INS) to offer highly accurate and reliable sub-meter GPS coordinates, even during signal dropouts or outages. Now, this unit can also collect road geometry characteristics such as cross-slope, gradient, and radius of curvature.


ROMDAS LCMS System Outputs: Patching and Rumble Strip

ROMDAS LCMS module now outputs Patch detection from the ROMDAS system automatically. Here we explain what the defects requirements are and how ROMDAS LCMS system can help achieve the results.


Mobile Mapping with ROMDAS Video Logging

Camera-based mobile mapping costs a fraction of systems such as LiDAR, and is an ideal solution for assets and defect measurements. Utilising high accuracy GPS positioning, camera based mobile mapping provides the expected outputs within a short time frame as it has low processing requirements for computer systems compared to LiDAR.


Laser Profilometer System Passes Transport NSW Validation In Australia

We are delighted that our customer Roadtest Holdings has successfully passed Australia's recently introduced rigorous RMS Roughness Validation Test. Roadtest Holding's system included the latest ROMDAS Laser Profilometer with a single Right of Way camera and GPS unit.


LCMS2 passes NCAT Roughness Certification

LCMS-2 has successfully passed the National Center for Asphalt Technology’s (NCAT) rigorous longitudinal profiler certification process. The scanning laser-based equipment is integrated with the ROMDAS system and is now becoming one of the popular modules as part of a complete ROMDAS Data Collection System.


A high resolution sophisticated NSV commissioned in Qatar

The year has started off on an exciting note with many planned installations and trainings. In that spirit, it has been an exciting opportunity for the entire ROMDAS team to work with the Public Works Department of Qatar (Ashgal).


Latest technology Road Survey System in Thailand

Ben, our sales manager and trainer, along with Paul, our engineer/director, travelled to Thailand to install and train for a high resolution ROMDAS LCMS-2 system for one of our customers.


DCL Team Surveys North NZ

Data Collection Limited’s (DCL) survey team’s Athir Jappie and Sreenath Mavaram are currently conducting this year’s pavement condition survey for the Whangarei District Council (DC), Far North District Council, and Kaipara District Council, all part of the Northland Transportation Alliance (NTA).


Online Training Advances Commissioning Of The Costa Rican System

We often receive requests from customers who have contracted projects in hand and are now looking for survey equipment. The challenge for them is to acquire the survey equipment and start work as soon as possible.


ROMDAS at 79th Indian Road Congress Expo

Our Indian distributor partner, Complete Instrumentation Solutions (CIS), participated in the 79th Indian Road Congress (IRC) sessions showcasing ROMDAS Network Survey Vehicle. The IRC was organised in the orange city of Nagpur, Maharashtra between 23-26 November 2018.


Long term good relations with RDIJC, and still going strong

ROMDAS is proud to have a long standing relationship with a number of agencies in East Timor responsible for road construction and maintenance. ROMDAS first supplied a system to East Timor authorities in 2011. Given the condition on the network at the time the system was specifically designed for use in dusty and rough conditions.


ROMDAS delivery to Iran

The ROMDAS engineering team was pleased to help establish a customised road survey system for The Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran. The University had a very short timeline to procure the road survey equipment and begin surveying.


New improvements made to our ROMDAS and DataView software

At ROMDAS, our aim is to offer a great user experience with our systems. In that spirit, we are excited to share the new improvements made to our ROMDAS system software and DataView software.

New Generation Network Survey Vehicles Commissioned in Bhopal, India

L. N. Malviya Infra Projects Pvt Ltd are our latest customers in Bhopal, India. Our engineers are pleased to successfully help them equip the ROMDAS system on a brand new locally sourced Tata Winger vehicle to collect data in hot, dry and dusty conditions. DCL is proud to provide its first “new generation” network survey vehicle that complies with the latest NHAI specifications in India.

New LCMS installed in Bangladesh

The team at the Roads & Highways Department (RHD) in Bangladesh have 21,131kms of roads within their network. To maintain & monitor a Network of this size, it’s important to manage your departments time efficiently and effectively. They decided to automate their current road surveying process so that they had more time and finance to invest in Forward Works Planning (FWP).

Mobile Mapping in India

In recent news, ROMDAS engineers flew their way across the world to The Himalayas to implement a new pavement condition and mobile mapping vehicle for HPRIDC (Himachal Pradesh Road and other Infrastructure Development Corporation).

AMS Competition winners!

The AMS competition has now come to an end, and it is time to congratulate the winner of the competition. The submissions have been incredible, and we appreciate those who put in the extra effort to get some fantastic shots of your ROMDAS systems. It was a difficult choice, and there were so many excellent photographs.

Alternative Mobile Mapping System Established in Ecuador

Leon Y Godoy Consultores are the latest customer to successfully implement our new Mobile Mapping module. This new method is very cost-effective and is more user friendly than the larger/more expensive LIDAR mobile mapping systems. As most of you know, Ecuador suffered a devastating earthquake on April 16 2016. In July 2016, our engineer visited Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, to train a local team on the installation, operation and methodology for using this new system.

Pavemetrics’ LCMS has passed the rigorous NCAT Profiler Certification

Congratulations to Pavemetrics who's Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) has passed the rigorous National Centre of Asphalt Technology (NCAT) Profiler Certification. This scanning laser based equipment is integrated within our ROMDAS system and acts as a key module, designed as part of a complete ROMDAS Data Collection System.

TV Media Release, high speed ROMDAS Laser Profiler in Australia.

Channel 9, TV Media Release, Oscorp's high speed Laser and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data collection.

New System Installed in Peru

ROMDAS engineers were pleased to help establish a new survey vehicle in Lima, Peru. This particular vehicle will collect roughness data (on any road) as well as asset and inventory information. The data collected will also be Integrated into one central database, presenting data in user defined graphs, charts and maps, using our innovative software - DataView.

Dusting off equipment in East Timor

Recently one of our ROMDAS technicians enjoyed a week of performing system maintenance and training on a long-running system in East Timor. The system included a ROMDAS system with Bump Integrator (BI), GPS Receiver and a ROMDAS Z250 used for BI Calibration. The initial inspection found the system to be performing very well, despite having been permanently mounted on the vehicle for 4 years and continuously used on very rough roads.

Camera Upgrade and New Mobile Mapping Software Commissioned in Peru

One of our Peruvian based customers is now able to calculate detailed measurements and record GPS locations of assets, inventory & pavement conditions directly from ROMDAS videos. Their ROMDAS system now includes an additional ROW camera and licenses of our new Mobile mapping software. This configuration allows them to offer new services that are very cost effective, safer and an efficient method when compared to manual field measurements or using expensive laser scanning systems.

ROMDAS equipment used for iRAP survey in Papua New Guinea

The road surveys were undertaken by civil engineering consultants Cardno as part of a Visual Road Condition Survey in May 2014 using a ROMDAS system incorporating front-mounted twin camera system and GPS recording device.

ROMDAS System Now iRAP Accredited

The International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) is a registered charity dedicated to reducing the more than 3,500 road deaths that occur every day worldwide* through the development of safer road strategies.

iRAP safety inspections are the first step towards identifying the most effective strategies for improving driver and pedestrian safety. Inspections involve using specially equipped vehicles, software and trained personnel to record more than 50 different attributes known to contribute to the likelihood and severity of accidents.

ROMDAS is making news in India

ROMDAS’ Indian subsidiary SATRA are undergoing a large project across India as part of a major initiative to take stock of the condition of national highways. To start with approximately 3,000 km of highways across Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu will be surveyed using a newly commissioned ROMDAS vehicle.

New System Installed in Georgia

Through a World Bank funded project, DCL staff successfully installed a new ROMDAS System for the Roads Department of Georgia. The equipment was installed and commissioned during May and extensive training was provided to local engineers on the operation and maintenance of the system.

ROMDAS Visits LGED Bangladesh

On a recent visit to South Asia our sales manager performed a detailed presentation and demonstration of the latest ROMDAS Laser Profiler module. Over 30 staff members from central and regional departments of LGED & RHD participated in the event.

New System Installed in Abu Dhabi

Recently one of our engineers visited Abu Dhabi to install a brand new ROMDAS Dual Laser Profile System.

Bump Integrator travels 60,000km with no maintenance

During our recent trip to Mongolia, we met Project Implementation Unit (PIU) who purchased a Bump integrator in 2011. We were pleased to hear that their system had driven for 60,000km without requiring any maintenance.

New System installed in Mongolia

One of our Engineers has recently returned from installing a new Laser Profilometer (roughness) in Mongolia.

New Promotional Video for DCL Survey Division

Data Collection Limited not only manufactures ROMDAS products, we also provide road surveying services in New Zealand. To learn more about our work in New Zealand, visit our Survey Division website -

New System installed in Dubai

ROMDAS engineers installed a complete automatic crack and defect detection system (LCMS) for the team at ECIL in Dubai. This system offers the full range of high quality data outputs.

New System installed in Uruguay

ROMDAS engineers recently undertook an installation of a ROMDAS system for the Engineering Department at Universidad de la República in Uruguay.

Our Laser Profiler has been upgraded!

The new version is extremely light weight, weighing less than 3kgs. It will serve as a highly accurate, class 1, longitudinal profiler for measuring road roughness.

New Laser version of the Transverse Profile Logger

The laser TPL version offers the high accuracy of laser based equipment and also maintains much of its robustness and price friendliness.

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This central system is the heart of all ROMDAS survey vehicles. It consists of the core hardware interfaces, acquisition software and power supplies needed for the addition of ROMDAS’ various add-on modules.

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