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ROMDAS does a quick delivery to Iran

The ROMDAS engineering team was pleased to help establish a customised road survey system for The Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran

Location: Tehran, Iran

The Tehran-based University has been contracted to provide data collection services to the local Department of Transport (DOT). The University had a very short timeline to procure the road survey equipment and begin surveying.

ROMDAS is proud to deliver the ROMDAS system to Iran within 30 days, making it one of the fastest deliveries of ROMDAS equipment this year.

Given the University had to work within such a short timeframe, ROMDAS team was happy to promptly recommend the correct equipment to meet their budget and requirements. The quick relay of information facilitated faster decision-making by the University team as well.

The University’s road survey vehicle is now installed with ROMDAS data acquisition system, Laser Profilometer with Macrotexture upgrade in both wheel-paths, custom designed Transverse Profile Logger, Right of Way camera and high-accuracy GPS.

Road Survey Equipment Road Survey Equipment

The vehicle is being utilised to collect longitudinal profiles, IRI and MPD texture values at 10-meter interval, rutting depth data and imagery of roadside assets. All data is being reference with GPS data for easy GIS mapping.

Recently, our engineer Srisha was at Amirkabir University installing the ROMDAS system and training the operators. The ROMDAS system is already on the road surveying in the hot and dusty weather conditions of Iran.

Road Survey Equipment

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Road Survey Equipment

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