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Bump Integrator

Low-cost road roughness measuring device for rough, unpaved or wet conditions

The Bump Integrator (BI) is a Class 3 response-type road roughness measuring equipment used for roughness surveys on unpaved roads. In the last few decades, BI has been widely implemented in countries with varying climates and road conditions. It is an inexpensive option for measuring roughness and calculating IRI. The BI unit excels on rough, unpaved or in wet conditions where laser based profiling equipment cannot be used.

A ROMDAS System with a Bump Integrator requires little-to-no operator interaction and all readings are shown in real-time on the survey computer.

The raw roughness data from the BI is recorded directly to a laptop installed with the ROMDAS System. A well calibrated BI will easily rival or exceed the accuracy of other Class 3 roughness profilers, including some accelerometer based equipment.

Thanks to its low minimum speed (10km/h), the BI can also be operated in areas of high congestion unlike other accelerometer based equipment.

Key Benefits & Features

  • High resolution, high reliability optical encoder
  • Designed for use in some of the most extreme and rugged road conditions
  • Low minimum operating speed (10km/h)
  • Very low cost compared to vehicle mounted accelerometer-based equipment
  • Simple design allows for quick and easy installation and full serviceability in the field

Data outputs

  • Longitudinal Profiles
  • Roughness (IRI)

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