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Annual Maintenance Subscription

An essential tool for maintaining ROMDAS systems

The Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) is an essential tool for maintaining ROMDAS systems, having an active AMS ensures that your ROMDAS system is kept up to date and that technical support is always on hand should you need it.

Log into our support site to manage your AMS subscription which provides access to free technical support, software updates and other benefits.

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AMS Entitlements

The many benefits of the Annual Maintenance Subscription are listed below

Free Technical Support

    ROMDAS Remote Support allows for one of our technicians to log onto a survey computer in order to check settings and resolve issues. In addition to remote support an AMS also includes up to 5 hours of technical phone support along with unlimited support ticket and email correspondence.

    We aim to ensure that ROMDAS users have the support they need to maintain their systems.

Software Updates

During the subscription period you are permitted to download new updates of ROMDAS Data Acquisition and ROMDAS DataView software for your equipment free of charge. Simply log in to our support site with your customer ID and password to access the AMS area where you will find all of our available downloads.

This ensures that you will always be working with the latest version of the software and supporting documentation.

Member's Area

    Customers with a current AMS will gain access to the Member's area of our website which houses a wealth of useful information including Training Presentations, Industry Documentation and the latest Software updates for your systems.

Free Annual System Audit

Have a ROMDAS technician remotely connect to your ROMDAS system to inspect settings, perform training and fix any issues. AMS holders are entitled to one free remote audit per year. Simply email us to request a remote audit session.

Discount on Spare/Replacement Parts

    Current AMS holders will receive a 10% discount on spare or replacement parts.

Discount on Training & Installation

All follow-up training and installation visits will be discounted by 25% for AMS holders*.

*Applicable to training and installation visits of one week or less.

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We provide customers with innovative and cost effective data collection equipment

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This central system is the heart of all ROMDAS survey vehicles. It consists of the core hardware interfaces, acquisition software and power supplies needed for the addition of ROMDAS’ various add-on modules.

Road Survey Equipment

ROMDAS Modules

Customise a ROMDAS system by selecting from a range of add-on modules. From modules for video logging, Roughness and GPS up to 3D pavement profiling and mobile mapping. The right ROMDAS configuration will not only suit your project, but also fit your budget.

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ROMDAS Dataview

ROMDAS’ premium post-processing software offering features like; data integration, video and event rating, GIS mapping and synchronised data play. A useful tool for extracting the most out of your ROMDAS data.