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Laser Crack Measurement System

Using the latest laser scanning technology the LCMS automatically identifies a wide variety of pavement defects

Automated Road Condition Survey

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ROMDAS LCMS utilizes the latest laser scanning technology from INO/Pavemetrics to collect high accuracy 3D profiles of the road surface. These profiles are then analysed using industry standard algorithms to calculate a wide variety of important datasets. Along with automated crack and defect detection, this unit also measures rutting, macro texture (MPD), raveling and joints/faulting. Thanks to its operating principle, it offers several practical features that ensure flexibility and quality of data collected. This multifunctional module is an excellent option for private and public entities wanting to perform high-accuracy network level surveys.

Recommended LCMS Configuration

Standard outputs

  • Cracking (Longitudinal, transverse, alligator, multiple, sealed cracks)
  • Potholes
  • Rut depth, width & cross-sectional area for each wheel path
  • Macro-texture (MPD) across whole lane width in 5 AASHTO band
  • Raveling
  • Concrete joint/faulting
  • Water pooling
  • Geotagged Pavement images (.JPEG)
  • Longitudinal profile/Roughness (IRI in both wheel paths)*Optional Upgrade
  • Geometry (slope, cross-fall, radius of curvature, super elevation)*Optional Upgrade

Key Benefits & Features

  • Exceptional price for a system utilizing Pavemetrics™ LCMS lasers
  • Pavement images with cracking and defects automatically overlaid
  • 4m width profiles with +4,000 points per profile
  • Detects cracking down to 1mm
  • Operates up to 100km/h
  • Lane tracking feature for consistency
  • Day or night operation
  • Upgrade for airport FOD detection available*
  • Add ROW cameras, GPS and other modules to supplement LCMS™ data
  • Real-time display during surveying
  • Non-proprietary data formats and easily exportable to Excel, GIS mapping or asset management systems
  • Reprocess data using different parameters without re-surveying
  • Roof mounted, not bumper mounted, for increased maneuverability
  • System powered by vehicle battery, with no need for additional generators

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