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DataView is an advanced data integration and processing programme that is a useful tool for any user of ROMDAS equipment. It is specifically beneficial for engineers & survey managers who are responsible for handling and processing road data into visual reports.

DataView allows you to integrate individual survey files into one central database as well as present data in user defined graphs, charts and maps. All data is linked using the chainage (distance) information and/or the GPS positions and track between graphed data, GIS map and digital video images.

DataView has recently undergone extensive developments for its new version. We have greatly enhanced the look and functionality of all features and included a step by step logic module for easy data processing. This results in a professional, simple and informative way of presenting your survey data.

DataView is an essential Quality Assurance (QA) tool for data checking by being able to simultaneously view linked videos, GIS maps and strip maps. If GPS data has been collected during surveys, DataView can convert raw GPS data into GIS map layers which can then easily be exported to GIS mapping software like ArcGIS, Google Earth, or other 3rd party software.


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Video Rating

Post Processing Software

DataView allows for accurate and easy post-processing of video surveys using rating keycodes. With rating keycodes, you can create custom lists of events, conditions and pre-defined comments giving you the flexibility to use these custom lists for any project. By performing inventory or condition assessments directly from videos in the office, it reduces pressure on survey operators and increases the overall accuracy and volume of information that can be recorded.

The video rating feature includes the ability to view multiple cameras and tools to easily zoom, navigate, play and save images to clipboard for visual cataloguing of important events. You can measure lengths and areas of surface defects directly from pavement view images and transform a video record into quantifiable data that can be used by asset management systems for assessing condition and developing forward works plan.

Quality Control

Post Processing Software

Project managers can simultaneously review GIS maps, videos and condition data to enhance their quality control process. By quickly navigating to sections with unexpected results supervisors can often explain the reason for anomalies without the need for site visits or unnecessary repeat surveys.

Data Presentation

Road Asset Survey

Integrate individual survey files in a central database to present data in user defined graphs, charts and maps. Linking data using chainage (distance) and/or GPS positions, track between graphed data, GIS map and digital video images.

Presentation Licenses for End-users

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The DataView - View Only version is a low cost license for consultants to offer it to their end-users. It allows end users to review the final integrated data created by the consultant, including maps, videos and charts.

GIS Mapping

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Why pay for expensive GIS mapping software when DataView includes GIS mapping features for creating KML, Shape or Map Info files from ROMDAS GPS data. These files can also be exported to a variety of commonly used GIS mapping application.

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This central system is the heart of all ROMDAS survey vehicles. It consists of the core hardware interfaces, acquisition software and power supplies needed for the addition of ROMDAS’ various add-on modules.

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ROMDAS Modules

Customise a ROMDAS system by selecting from a range of add-on modules. From modules for video logging, Roughness and GPS up to 3D pavement profiling and mobile mapping. The right ROMDAS configuration will not only suit your project, but also fit your budget.

Post Processing Software

MiniROMDAS System

The miniROMDAS system has been designed as a streamline version of the full ROMDAS system. It uses the Bump Integrator as its roughness meter and has a simple to understand software interface.