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Z-250 Reference Profiler

Developed to measure high accuracy reference profiles

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The ROMDAS Z-250 Reference Profiler has been developed to measure high accuracy reference profiles. The linear elevation profiles are then analysed using industry standard algorithms to determine the road roughness in terms of IRI (m/km).

This Class 1 profiler can easily be packed into a suitcase. It is an excellent tool for measuring roughness profiles during post-construction or for setting up calibration/validation sites for vehicle mounted roughness profilers.

The Z-250 is ‘walked’ along the road recording the elevation (in mm) at 250 mm intervals along the road. A Bluetooth connection from the Z-250 to an Android mobile device makes it easy for use and shows real-time display of all readings and IRI values.

Data is easily transferred to office computers using the Auto Sync cable for additional analysis using free industry standard software - ProVal.

Data outputs

  • Raw longitudinal profile (.csv and .ppf formats)
  • Roughness (IRI)

Key Benefits & Features

  • Automatically calculates IRI for calibration/validation sites
  • Outputs in PPF and CSV files
  • Data is compatible with industry recognised software such as ProVal for analysing road profiles
  • Very compact and portable unit
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Use the plotting function to instantly graph the profile’s change in elevation

What are reference profiles commonly used for?

  • Calibrating or validating vehicle mounted roughness measurement system e.g. the ROMDAS Bump Integrator
  • Quality control for construction and infrastructure projects such as highways, car parks, bridges and airports
  • Collecting data for research purposes, such as developing a new roughness deterioration models or calibrating/testing existing HDM roughness model.

Z250 Reference Profiler Software

This software comes standard with the ROMDAS Z250 Profiler, which is an excellent option when collecting accurate roughness data for calibration or validation. The measuring unit contains a precision inclinometer which outputs to an Android device that immediately records and processes the data.

The software will store the surveys on the device and can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis using ProVal software if required. With its clear and easy-to-use software, the ROMDAS Z-250 greatly reduces the risk of human error during collection and processing of high accuracy roughness data.

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