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New ROMDAS Laser Profilometer Systems in Thailand

ROMDAS has been part of Thailand’s road surveying story for many years now thanks to our local distributor partners in the region. Our distributors remain at the heart of ROMDAS’ growth as they continue to support customers on the ground even after the sale.

One of our distributors, Asia Testing Equipment (ATE) in Thailand has taken marvelous initiatives to contribute to the growth of ROMDAS in the region. Recently, with the support of ATE, we had commissioned three (3) ROMDAS Laser Profilometer Systems to the Department of Highway (DOH). ATE has curated a unique promotional video to showcase the DOH ROMDAS system. You can watch this video below.

ATE’s video of DOH’s systems portrays quick, convenient, and unique installation of the system. Normally, we recommend installing the lasers at bumper height in the front of the vehicle. Although the lasers are enclosed, this front install helps to avoid damage from dust and water splashing from the wheels.

The customer, however, required ATE to install the system in the back of the survey vehicle, a pickup truck. ATE redesigned the install unit by adding mud guards over the lasers to safeguard them. This install redesign was possible because of ROMDAS’ modular and easy to assemble approach. You can see in the video that the lasers are installed on the wheel-path neatly without hampering the lasers and the data collection process, irrespective of the laser being in the front or rear of the vehicle.

Both ATE and DOH are happy with their ROMDAS Laser Profilometer system as it is easy to use and offers a convenient data collection experience, not to mention its exceptional value for money. ATE’s Managing Director, Thammavich Boonrak says, “Due to limited budgets with customers, we are always striving to offer them a full system experience without having to spend more. ROMDAS’ modular approach allows us to respond to customers’ needs as and when they arise, without having to establish new systems. This allows customers to continue to stay competitive, well within their budget with quality equipment.”

We share our appreciation of the team at Asia Testing Equipment for not only promoting ROMDAS through their efforts but also successfully installing the systems with remote support from the ROMDAS team due to the pandemic travel restrictions.

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