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Latest technology Road Survey System in Thailand

Our team travelled to Thailand to install and train for a high resolution ROMDAS LCMS-2 system.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Road Survey Equipment

Ben, our sales manager and trainer, along with Paul, our engineer/director, travelled to Thailand to install and train for a high resolution ROMDAS LCMS-2 system for one of our customers.

Road Survey Equipment

The customer wanted their LCMS system for a large project for road data survey which was slated to start within a short time. It was important for them that the ROMDAS system was shipped as early as possible.

We had pre-purchased the LCMS scanners in anticipation of another order, and these were readily available. Within a short time of 2 weeks, we successfully executed the order and shipped the system. The installation was performed soon after.

This is our quickest supply of an LCMS system to date. With this system, ROMDAS has reinforced our commitment to work with our customers and design systems that meet their requirements.

Previously, ROMDAS had commissioned a laser system for the Department of Highways in Thailand which was processed through this customer. After 12 years, we are again commissioning the latest technology laser scanning system in Thailand.

Road Survey Equipment

The new Thailand ROMDAS system includes the LCMS modules and upgrades for Roughness and Geometry along with right of way cameras to cover the entire road corridor, and ROMDAS’ office post processing DataView and Mobile Mapping software for office post processing and GIS Mapping.

The customer has several large and urgent projects to utilise their new ROMDAS LCMS system. They also intend to use this new system on airports to conduct Pavement Condition Index surveys.

With ROMDAS’ assistance, our distributor/customer is developing a methodology to utilise ROMDAS data and extract the information required for PCI calculations, without the need to close the runway. This is because ROMDAS’ LCMS module collects defects data and pavement images in complete darkness, so the PCI survey will be performed overnight while the runway may be at minimum use.

Road Survey Equipment

This is a major advantage compared to traditional visual inspections which need to be done during the day and can take a long time.

We thank the Thailand team for their hospitality and proactive organisation for ROMDAS’ Ben and Paul who were able to implement and train seamlessly due to this team’s diligent efforts.

Contact us if you want to know how you could use ROMDAS to speed up your PCI surveys.

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Road Survey Equipment

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