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ROMDAS SUPPORT CLINIC: First Ever Face to Face Support Service in India

Road Survey Equipment

Our local Indian partner, Complete Instrumentation Solutions Pvt Ltd (CIS), organized a special ROMDAS Support Clinic between 3rd and 9th August 2022 which was available to all local ROMDAS customers. An innovative approach towards local support, this Clinic was organized with the presence of our ROMDAS’ Senior Support & Service Engineer, Madrid Thomas Vetticad, for face-to-face consultation and support.

Road Survey Equipment

ROMDAS Support Clinic was visited by several customers to assess their ROMDAS systems from high-resolution Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) 3D profiling NSVs, to mid-range systems with Transverse profile logger (TPL), or even smaller systems such as Laser profilometer (LP). The event’s motto was to provide face-to-face support to all our Indian customers for concerns relating to the operation, data collection, or analysis of data. This included understanding customer problems and advice to perform necessary solutions, doing preventive maintenance, and performing calibration and validation to give a true reflection of pavement condition. All in all, it was a successful event ensuring the health of the customer’s system for surveying on the Indian roads.

Road Survey Equipment

Support services are an integral part of our company’s philosophy and mission to bring innovative and cost-effective technology to our customers. As our local partner in India, CIS has been instrumental to bring ROMDAS systems on Indian roads for many years now. CIS has always been proactively building positive relations with existing customers beyond sales and provided exceptional ROMDAS support services.

Our special thanks to CIS Director, Neeraj Chadha, and his entire team for organising this successful event within a short span of time.

Road Survey Equipment

Neeraj informs us that, “CISPL always believes in the philosophy of “Customer First” and we let our actions do the talking. Our actions speak louder than our words. This event was a baby step in this direction, but a huge leap in faith. More than 10 NSVs were attended to in a period of 7 days. A team of 7 engineers, including Madrid from DCL, New Zealand, worked tirelessly, literally round the clock to ensure that all the issues related to NSV’s or data acquisition/interpretation were addressed to the satisfaction of users!”

Road Survey Equipment

ROMDAS customers were grateful for this special service event as it provided a face-to-face support for such high-resolution equipment, which is quite rare in current times.

We received some great feedback from our customers:

Thanks for organising the ROMDAS Clinic. A great idea! We really benefitted from the same. What was surprising was that your team was ever eager to help in spite of the fact that there were so many NSV’s which turned up at the Clinic. Was really happy to see that your team was full of energy even at 1 am in the morning and trying to make the best of the time they had at their disposal. Working from 9 am to 2 am the next day, continuously for 7 days, speaks volumes about the dedication of your team. Congratulations to the CISPL team!

– Sterling Indo Tech Consultants

I would like to thank Madrid, ROMDAS, and the CISPL team for setting up Romdas Clinic. We got to learn a lot and also got a chance to explain our problems properly to you because sometimes it's difficult to understand things over email and text

- Sterling Indo Tech Consultants

ROMDAS Service Clinic was a great idea conceptualised by Complete Instrumentation. Very happy to see that there are companies in this field of instrumentation who “care” about their customers and the products they have supplied. Our team at G-Eng is very happy with the support which was provided by you and your team. Keep up the good job!

- Mr Mahipal Singh, Managing Director, G-Eng Advisory Services Pvt Ltd., Gurgaon

At the outset our sincere thanks for organizing “ROMDAS Service Clinic” which not only addressed the small issues which were had but also gave an opportunity to our engineers to get their technical queries related to analysis addressed. We would say “A wonderful concept….could not have expected this from anyone, but CISPL, who are always at the forefront when it comes to after Sales Service. Great job!”

- Sandeep Lamba MD Mahamarg Infra Consultants PVT Ltd. Gurgaon

Road Survey Equipment

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Road Survey Equipment

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