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Only Profiler system in Azerbaijan with ROMDAS Laser Profilometer

Commissioned for faster surveying and quality checks for all existing and future roads in Azerbaijan

Azerbaycan Avtomobil Yolları (AAY) Azerbaijan Road Authorities Directorate commissioned a mid-range ROMDAS system through our partner Eylullab, in 2019. This ROMDAS system includes Laser Profilometers, Transverse Profile Logger (TPL), Video Logging and GPS modules along with DataView office post processing software. The system was dispatched soon in 2020, just before the pandemic spread with almost overnight lockdowns and border closures.

With New Zealand and Azerbaijan’s border being closed at the time, the equipment installation was delayed. This meant a delay in the training for the end-users and delivery. Due to New Zealand’s strict border restrictions, it was further impossible for our team to travel to end-user’s site in Azerbaijan. This did not deter the competent team at Eylullab though and they took special permits from the Azerbaijan Presidency to install the equipment at AAY’s site and complete the delivery to client.

AAY has created this video below to explain more about the modules of their system. You can also check their Facebook page for more information about the ROMDAS System in Turkey.

This system installation was a tough challenge for Eylullab’s technical team who had never used, or even seen, such road surveying equipment before. The team had to make modifications on AAY’s existing SUV to install the laser modules. Not only did they install the equipment but also calibrated the Profilometer – all this at the peak of the pandemic and only based on remote instructions.

Erman and Filiz, co-founders of Eylullab expressed, “We have been in the market for over 30 years and this is the first time we are installing such a complex machine with the remote help of the manufacturer. We are beyond happy and satisfied to work with ROMDAS for their punctuality, close contact, attentiveness and support. Hope to work again.”

In such exceptional conditions, and help of ROMDAS’ remote technical assistance, Eylullab’s excellent technical team successfully completed the install to handover the system to the client. With their new ROMDAS system, AAY is now carrying out road surveys on different types of road surfaces including new and old asphalt concrete pavements.

We appreciate Erman and Filiz, and their entire team for trusting us and undertaking this installation themselves despite the limited experience with such systems. We too look forward to working together with Eylullab and contribute to the road industry in this region.

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