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Road Geometry

Extremely cost-effective option for collecting geometry data

Road Survey Vehicle

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The ROMDAS Road Geometry Module is an extremely cost-effective unit, it is used to calculate and record pavement gradient, radius of curvature, cross-fall and other road geometry characteristics.

The Geometry module utilizes an integrated GPS and MEMS Internal Measurement Unit (IMU) with a navigation, attitude and heading reference system processor to provide accurate and reliable highway geometry data. The internal low-power signal processor runs a real-time Kalman filter providing inertial enhanced 3D position and velocity estimates.

All data is referenced with GPS coordinates for easy integration with most commonly used GIS mapping software or pavement management systems (PMS).

Data outputs

  • Gradient
  • Radius of Curvature
  • Cross-fall

Key Benefits & Features

  • Light weight and easy to install
  • No operator input required during surveys
  • High update rate of 100Hz
  • Built-in test (BIT) feature
  • GPS antenna fault detection
  • Extremely cost effective option for collecting network level geometry data
  • Individually calibrated for temperature, 3D misalignment and sensor cross-sensitivity
  • External active antenna status detection circuit


Easy to install and setup, this module can be integrated into a ROMDAS System within an hour. A real-time output of vehicle Pitch, Roll and Yaw is displayed in the ROMDAS Data Acquisition Software during the survey. The software does not require any operator interaction during data collection with the Road Geometry Module

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Road Survey Vehicle


This central system is the heart of all ROMDAS survey vehicles. It consists of the core hardware interfaces, acquisition software and power supplies needed for the addition of ROMDAS’ various add-on modules.

Road Geometry

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Road Survey Vehicle

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ROMDAS’ premium post-processing software offering features like; data integration, video and event rating, GIS mapping and synchronised data play. A useful tool for extracting the most out of your ROMDAS data.