Support Road Survey Equipment

ROMDAS Add-on Modules

The modular design of ROMDAS allows us to customise systems specifically for the needs of our customers.

Laser Crack Measurement System

Pavement Crack Detection

Multifunctional Pavement Profiling

ROMDAS LCMS utilizes the latest and most advance laser scanning technology from INO/Pavemetrics to collect high accuracy 3D profiles of the road surface.

Right Of Way & Pavement Video

Pavement Condition Rating

Right of Way, Pavement Surface, 360 Mobile Mapping

ROMDAS Video Logging modules are used to create a visual record of the road right-of-way (ROW) or direct pavement surface. The number of cameras and directions are customizable.

Laser Profilometer

Road Surface Profiler

Longitudinal Profile, Roughness and Macro-Texture

The ROMDAS Laser Profilometer uses the combination of a laser and accelerometer to measure the elevation profile of the road with very high accuracy at highway speeds.

Transverse Profile Logger

Pavement Profiler

Transverse Profile and Rutting

The ROMDAS TPL is used to measure the transverse profile of the road, utilising 15 high quality single point laser sensors to output the industry standard transverse profile.


Road Survey

High Accuracy Distance/Speed

The High Resolution Distance Measuring Instrument (HR DMI) is used in situations where extremely accurate (< 0.1 m) distance measurements are required.

Bump Integrator

Road Roughness Measurement


This Class 3 response type meter has been widely implemented over the last few decades and is a great low cost option for measuring roughness and calculating IRI.

Road Geometry

Mobile Mapping Survey

Geometry Data

Used to record the road geometry while surveying for the calculation of pavement gradient, radius of curvature, cross-fall and other road geometry characteristics.

GPS/GNSS Recievers

Mobile Mapping Survey

Georeferencing Data

GPS data can be used to establish the road center line or referenced to other datasets simultaneously collected by a ROMDAS system. Easy integration with GIS mapping software.

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Automated Road Survey


This central system is the heart of all ROMDAS survey vehicles. It consists of the core hardware interfaces, acquisition software and power supplies needed for the addition of ROMDAS’ various add-on modules.

Road Visual Condition Survey

ROMDAS Dataview

ROMDAS’ premium post-processing software offering features like; data integration, video and event rating, GIS mapping and synchronised data play. A useful tool for extracting the most out of your ROMDAS data.

Automated Road Survey

Data Collection Services

Data Collection Limited performs highly technical highway surveys as well as manufacture ROMDAS equipment. We operate a fleet of survey vehicles dedicated to collecting accurate, reliable and relevant data.